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1) Please click the "Download" button after you have written the address of the video from YouTube into the box above.
2) Alternatively, you can go to download page by clicking the "Enter" key after that you have changed youtube.com adress in the URL address line into 10youtube.com

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It is the format of file which you download to your computer or other devices (3gp file format is for the phones.)


It is the type of file. If you download the file to the phone, you can download the video whose type is for the "Phone".


It is the quality of the video file. Videos are listed according to the highest quality and lowest quality. The size of video file will increase as the quality of it is being higher.


Fmt increases at the same rate with the quality and size of the video. The video with the highest number of fmt has the high quality and size.If you want to download the video with the highest quality, you should download the videos with the highest number of fmt.


You can watch and decide the quality and truth of video through this button. We recommend watching the video before downloading it.


After deciding to download the video, you can start download process by right clicking "Download" button and select "Save as".